Presentation Marker

Presentation Marker 2.8

Presentation Marker allows you to draw on your Windows desktop

Presentation Maker is a program that helps you personalize a presentation or a slide show by highlighting specific areas on the screen.
The tool is similar to a toolbar and displays all the functions in a well-structured manner. It gives you the ability to draw lines, rectangles, ellipses, or indefinite forms on the screen. Before you start drawing, you are able to select the color, the line type and its width; you can set the level of transparency as well. Besides these functions, the application can also add text boxes or images to the presentation.

If you want to personalize your demonstration even more, you can use the spotlight option, which grabs attention to a specific area of the screen. The curtain function has a similar purpose. Other smart features allow you to add an on-screen keyboard or a digital clock. These options can be quite useful if you need to write something and you can’t use the keyboard, or if your presentation has a time limit. The tool can also be used for its print screen function which helps you capture a specific area or the full screen.

In conclusion, this program is a good choice if you need to add some highlight effects to your presentation. It can be used in various domains, from school projects to product demonstrations.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Lots of drawing options
  • Spotlight function
  • Take snapshots


  • Small icons due to the toolbar-like form
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